Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wrought Iron Fence

Here is our current project!  Burt is working on welding a wrought iron fence.  I cannot wait till it is up!  It took us a very long time to come up with a perfect design. We wanted to stay true to what the fence would have looked like if it was built in 1904. I hope we got it right.  We decided to put it up until all the sections and gates are completed. After that, we will get it all sandblasted and painted.

Victorian Home Wrought Iron Fence


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  2. Hi. We just purchased a 1904 house in North Dakota and I'm really considering painting the outside of the house a dark navy/gray with a creamy white trim. I'm looking at Benjamin Moor's SOOT color and the DOVE color. Any advice would be awesome. THANKS!

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